Portrait of Danya & Shayna
Mary Lovein
This is the photo I took of the subjects
at the Waikoloa Hilton
This is the pencil drawing on the 24" X 36" canvas

The canvas is coated with a light peach color of acrylic.
Acrylic is also used to get the basic shapes in, using Burnt Sienna

At this point I am using oil paint.
In my studio, I have "Springtime Muse" nearby for inspiration
since it is one of my customer's favorite paintings

This stage of painting in progress, shows the work at 
90% completed.  The customers have approved it with some minor changes.
They will also be ordering a gicle'e print of it when it is finished.
The whole family was very pleased and they ended up adding
"Springtime Muse"
to  their collection.
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to see finished portrait