Shoe Art Show at Holualoa Gallery 2001

Pictures from the Opening Party

Award winning artwork  "Ice Cream Heels"
giclee editon  wrapped canvas available 12" X 12", $220
  Mary Lovein


 "Blue Man Shoe"
by Melba Boyd


Red Glass Shoes
Jeff Yojeff Mercer

Soul to Sole
John Cosby


Marino's Marino's
John Cosby
See John Cosby's Website

 for more Shoe Art Show images by these artists:
Melba Boyd
Blue Man Shoe
First Obi's
Matthew Lovein
"Strappy" 3 foot Metal Shoe
"Spikey"  2 foot metal shoe
"Stiletto" 10 foot Blue Lighted Shoe
Shoe Vine Table  metal
"Step into the Millennium" 4 ft. ceramic vessel
Boot Safe  5 foot Raku Ceramic & Metal
"Lacy" metal wall piece
Shoe Stand  metal
"Ladies of Egypt"  ceramic and metal
Ceramic Chia Pet Shoe
Aloha Raku Slippers and Sand
Mary Lovein
American Shoes, l.e. giclee on canvas
Think Red, l.e. giclee on paper
Baby Lasts, screen print
China Dolls, l.e. giclee on canvas
Cinema of Slippers, l.e. giclee on canvas
Kiss Marble, l.e. giclee on paper
Look Down in Color, monotype
Look Down in Sepia, monotype
Lost Juarachi, digital photo
Night and Day, digital photos
Purse and Boots, watercolor
Red Slippers at the Dock, watercolor
Reflection, l.e. giclee, special frame with silk stocking
Tao of Tennis, digital l.e.
Ice Cream Heels, l.e. giclee on paper
The Ball, monotype
Zipper Shoe giclee
Mary's Private Collection 
Anne Ball
Patty Van Asperen
Blue Heels Descending, fused glass bowl
Shoooz, fused glass bowl
Dichro Glass Slipper, glass sculpture
Da Vine, glass sculpture
Twisted Sister, glass sculpture
Petroglyph High Heel, stone sculpture
Frances Dennis
Charlie Corda
Linda Eckman
Darrell Hill
Sunset Boot, 3D with oil
Sunny Slippers, oil painting
Rest, watercolor
Me in My Oxfords, watercolor
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