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Born July 31, 1946, Mary Lovein moved to Maui in 1968 from California and studied Art, Journalism and Psychology at Maui Community College. Employed as a graphic designer, she made hand-cut color separations, and constructed silk screens for the garment printing industry while raising a family. 

Relocating to California in 1979, she continued her art studies at Irvine Valley College, Saddleback College and Laguna College of Art. She started her own business as a commercial trade photographer.  She met and married Matthew Lovein and then in 1989, together, they moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and opened Holualoa Gallery (est. 1990), where they both show their own work along with a select group of other artists they represent.  When you enter the gallery, she is there to greet local residents and visitors,  personally with a warm welcome.

Mary Lovein’s work signed, M. Lovein includes paintings,  photography, digital art and giclee prints. Her subject matter ranges from historical to contemporary. She strives to bring out the humor, beauty, and dignity in life around her, expressing through her art, a rare blend of spiritual and romantic vision, in several diverse mediums. 

Her current work originates from raw format photos she takes of glass work by Matthew Lovein. Using digital tools in Adobe Photoshop, she applies her skills to create photo art to be printed on metal.  She loves the meduim because of the clarity, sharpness, quality of color, it is scratch resistant and fade proof.    Art to Art!
See Lovein Productions for samples of Matt & Mary Lovein's Video productions

In 2008 Mary Lovein published Chameleons in the Garden which is the first book documenting the behavior of established species, Jackson’s chameleons in Hawaii, whose place of origin is Mt. Kenya, Africa. Hawaii is one of the few places on the planet they can be seen in nature, though they are hard to see and easily missed.  She says, “We are the ones in the enclosure as we observe them in habitat, as living art, adorning the trees like ornaments in a surrealistic dream.”   Her fascination with this almost hidden wildlife led her to five years of keeping a daily journal and shooting over 5000 photos of “Jackson’s being Jackson’s” in her Holualoa Garden where they are free to come and go.  pictures of chameleons  Check out Chameleons in the Garden on Facebook.

The book available in the Hawaii State Library System, at Holualoa Gallery.
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